Friday, November 4, 2016

Today I give Thanks...

For all of the wonderful people who have helped us with the First Friday ministry.  We felt lead to serve families in the same stage of life as us by provided an opportunity to give parents a night off--free of charge.  We prayed about it for several months, and continued to feel the Lord tugging at our heartstrings to join Him in serving those around us.

It has been 2.5 years and we couldn't do it without the many helpers who give of their time and energy.  We continue to meet on the First Friday of each month and continue to see new kids come each month.  We have seen 96 kids come since we started.  We average about 25-30 each month.  We are so blessed to be a part of this ministry!

I know I will forget someone, but I'm going to attempt to list their names here.

We are THANKFUL for you.  Sydne Weerts, Nelda Strevy and Armeda Hayer serve month after month.  Tirelessly.  Without complain.  They WANT to be with these kids.  We are so blessed.

Others who have helped:  Pastor May, Pastor Steve, Pastor Dean, Dean Gibler, Freda, Dean and Wayne Miller, Jamie Kinley, Justin and Bridgett Morgan, Becky Elfers, Loretta Paulson, Alan and Cathy Morgan, Andy Carriker, Melissa Carriker, Jeni Tussey, Adam and Erin Kroll, Aaron Lawhead, Brenton and Heather Cammack, David and Shelby Ledbetter, Jamie Kellog, Darlene Kroll, Doug and Lori King, Megan Dorman, Carlena Schlunegar, Greg and Denise Huber, Morgan Willson, Holly Rimbey, Kylie Kackman, Riley Kincheloe, Emma Neu, Jaydon Soncarty, Chase Barelocker, Hailey Lomax, Airelle Grimoud, Dana Kincheloe, Cigne Reynolds, Norah Burrill, Lilly Swan, Averi Mackleit, Shyah Antoine, Greta Geier, Mark Morgan, Kimber Kelton.

WOW.  I'm sure I've forgotton someone, so please forgive me.  What an incredible outpouring of love to support young parents!

Not to mention those who have donated paper, money and other supplies to keep the ministry going!

THANK YOU!!!  What a blessing to join God where he is already working!  Come join us!

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