Friday, March 4, 2016

Our Bridgie!

My next post is about this wonderful lady!  We have know Bridget for several years now because she has graciously been the babysitter for the summer Bible Study we attend.

She had been doing some babysitting off and on for us the past year and last summer, however, we had the opportunity to have her live with us!  Those of you that know our house probably wonder, where?  Well, Kayla willingly gave up her room to Bridget and moved across the way into the office.  It was a tight space for Kayla, but she loved every minute of having Bridgie upstairs with her.

What a blessing this young woman is to us!  It was the perfect balance of having her around to help during the long days of Ben at work, and yet her having the freedom to continue working and come and go as she pleased.

The girls fell quickly in love!  They were (and continue to be) Bridgie's little shadows and light up whenever she is around.  The summer was full of long hot days and lots of slip and sliding!  We spent time at the river, camping, canning, eating meals together, princess parties, watching movies and just living life together.  She helped with yard work, house work and kid work.  :)

 Not only was she a blessing in helping with the day to day work, but just to have her presence around was so uplifting.  Summers tend to get long with Ben working so much, and her positive spirit and bright attitude made the days go quickly.  She had a fun "sleepover" night in her room on her last night in our home, and the girls had fun doing some make-up.  

Make-up time!
We did take some time to play and spent time time at the water park, as well as doing a little shopping.

Shopping Day!
It was bittersweet when she moved out because we couldn't imagine not having her sweet spirit around daily.  We were excited for her and the cute old house she found.  Thankfully, she only lives 5 minutes away.  We had a small Christmas celebration together before she went home for the holidays.  I cherish this picture of my three girls. 

Love these girls!

Christmas with Bridget!

Santa photo, which is a long standing tradition for Bridget.  Audrey was super excited about it.

We know she is destined for great things, working with and loving on people.  She has so many gifts in working with and serving others.  She is selfless, giving and always willing to help however and whenever she can.  God has given her lots of "mommy abilities" already, as I see her with my girls, and with all the kids she interacts with at AWANA.  She truly has a gift and calling to work with kids and we are super excited to see where God takes her when she is done with school!  Although we MIGHT selfishly be a bit sad if He takes her far away from us.  We will be so excited for her though, that we will just have to get over that!  :)  

Thank you for being a part of our lives, Bridgie.  We pray for you and for your future, that God will lead you where He wants you. We pray for  that that amazing man of yours, wherever he is is, that he is getting ready for you and the amazing wife and mother you will be!  

Thank you for giving me opportunities to "breathe."  I appreciate your willingness to give of your time to invest in the lives of our girls.  We look forward to many more memories in the future.  Of which will include some more nature walk, right?!  Haha!