Thursday, May 19, 2016

Be still, my heart

Forgive the quality of these photos, but I just couldn't help myself the other night when I went to give my girls a kiss and found this:

Sometimes when the days are crazy and I feel like I'm on a merry-go-round, I get overwhelmed by my job as "Mother" to these two sweet ones.

Then I stop and see these sweet sleeping ones.

A dad who hasn't even cleaned up from his long day at work, and yet lays on the floor, bringing comfort.  I may be biased, but he truly is one of the greatest dads.  He is so great with the girls.  He works hard, but always has enough energy to play with them and listen to their stories from the day.

Little Sister who is full of life and sleeps soundly because she has made the most of her day.  As long as she has her "favorite blankie" all is right in the world.  Ah, if only life was so simple.

Big sister who lives her life with great passion and loves pink.  (If you couldn't tell.)  She challenges me every day of my life.  She teaches me so much and seeing her sleep peacefully is one of life's greatest gifts.

There will be a day when the "crib" is too small, when they don't want pink walls, or pink polka dots, or even don't ask us to "lay on the floor."  So for these moments, help me to slow down and enjoy and see the gifts that are before me.

It is a scary world we live in.  To release our kids to Our God is a daily job.  There are so many things I can't control.  Well, let's be honest--most I can't.

But I can rest in the fact that He is in control, and continually give them to Him.

I pray that they will "desire truth in the inner parts," (Ps. 51) in a world where truth and absolutes have gone by the way-side.

I pray that in seeking for truth, they will find Our God and desire a personal relationship with Him.  That it will be THEIR choice because God is drawing them to Himself.

I pray they will seek out great friends who will live life with them.

I pray they will never be afraid to ask questions and continually learn.

I pray they will be confident women who can stand up for themselves.

I pray they will learn to say "no" and respect other people's "no."

I pray they will continue to be best friends.

I pray they will always know how much their dad and I love them.  No.  matter.  what.

Lord, "teach me wisdom in the inmost place" (Ps. 51) and use us to continue to guide and shape these sweet girls you have gifted us with for this season of life.  Help us to not cling to them, yet rather hold them lightly--with open hands to You--enjoying the beauty of the moments.