Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7

Today I am thankful to be an Aunt.  My second nephew Matt was born on this day 10 years ago.  I love him.  I love his personality and the way he tackles life.  Kayla takes a lot after her cousin Matt.  I am realizing I don't have too many pictures of him and I.  :(

I love you, Matt.  Thank you for being you.  Wild, fun, adventuresome, and never afraid to tackle what lies before you.

I am blessed with 8 nieces and nephews, and I could do an entire post about each one of them.  But to keep it short, I will say I am so grateful for the relationships and opportunities I have to build with each one of these precious people.  I know it is a huge blessing that we are all close, and that we have these relationships, and for that, I am THANKFUL!

ANNIE!!!  I need some pictures of you!!!  :)

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