Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Hubby-the Love of my Life!

Three years ago today I was preparing to marry my best friend, better half and the love of my life! We were talking about it last night, and in some ways it seems like it has been so much longer than that (not in a bad way)! We have been through quite a bit in the last three years, and there is no way I would have made it without him!

Ben is my biggest fan, supporter and steadfast man! God blessed me so much when he gave Ben to me. We all know I can tend to be the type A, driven person, and Ben is so good for me in that way, he helps balance me out. He is a quiet leader and a man of God. I am honored to have him as my husband and the father of my children. I only hope I continue to grow to be the kind of wife that supports and loves him daily.

We have grown a lot in the past three years. For most people, their biggest adjustments are over finances, combining households, in-laws, etc, but those things haven't been as big of adjustments as some of the other things that have come our way. I am thankful that God sees the bigger picture and that He only has His BEST in mind for us, and because of this, we can get through whatever comes our way! I know we can accomplish more together than we ever could apart, and that is the beauty of marriage!

As I reflect on the past three years, these are some of the things we have experienced as a married couple: (warning, could be in random order!)

Being students of each other-learning about each other's love languages
Purchasing a home in Boise
Honeymoon trip to Mexico
My stressful (but wonderful) job in Boise
Ben surviving lay-offs at his job in Boise
Re-doing our master bedroom in Boise
Developing deep and meaningful friendships with other couples and singles that will last our lifetime
Re-landscaping our entire yard in Boise (by farm equipment there!)
Finding a home church in Boise
Deciding to quite my job in Boise
Spending as much time with family as possible
Ben deciding to take a new job at WSU
Packing up our house into a UHAUL one year after we moved in
Un-packing our house into my parent's garage for 3 months
Spending the summers on the Palouse driving harvest truck
Finding renters for our home in Boise
Several trips to Montana to visit family and celebrate our marriage
Me learning to drive a motorcycle
Motorcycle trips
Selling our motorcycle
Celebrating our one year anniversary in San Diego!
Spending our second anniversary together serving on a missions trip to Guatemala
A trip to Mexico for Christmas with the Morgan family
Learning and developing new hobbies together: water-skiing (Ben), playing games, fishing, cooking
Staring another business-Pampered Chef
Finding out we were going to be parents for the first time!
Loosing our first child
Getting our first dog and cat
Loosing our first dog and cat
Remodeling an over 100 year old home together (with the help of others!!)
Landscaping our yard in Pullman (with the help of family and TRACTORS this time!)
Getting involved in our church in Colfax
Developing and deepen new and existing relationships with friends in the Palouse
Various trips to Seattle, Oregon, Boise
Celebrating with several friends while they tie the knot!
Ben starting a new job at WSU
Ben surviving lay offs and a job transition at WSU
Purchasing new vehicles together-and selling vehicles together
Missing our friends in the Boise area very much
Becoming pregnant again-it's a girl!
Surgery during pregnancy
Bed rest and modified bed rest for...well, 9 weeks now...6-7 more to go!
Learning how to communicate and share with one another at a deep level
Dreaming about the future

Through all of these events and more, we have grown because of our commitment to each other and to God. It hasn't always been easy, and some of the "whys" we will never know, but we strive to grow through each circumstance He brings our way. We pray our marriage honors God and each other as we go through this journey called life. I can only imagine what lies in store for us for the next 53 years!

I love you hubby! Thank you for choosing ME!!

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  1. I'm thankful for both of you!

    Marriage is a journey, for sure. You have definitely had quite a ride so far. But isn't it great to do it together. Everyone has their challenges and rewards, they're just different. We moved 5 times in our first year of 3 different states. It was an adventure for sure, with challenges and rewards.

    So, continue to enjoy the journey together. And count it all joy!