Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Decaf Skinny Vanilla Latte

So today I had a follow up appointment for the cyst removal on my eyebrow. Things looks pretty good. There might still be some in there, but he wants me to wait for awhile and see what it does. Ugh.

BUT...I drove myself to my appointment! I don't know if I was "approved" to do that, but I did. Do you know how much freedom I felt?! I haven't driven in 8 weeks and while I am learning to be content being "down," there was something about being able to get in my own car and drive myself to town. Sometimes I feel trapped by my own home. I can imagine this is how moms that stay home probably feel at times, so maybe it is a nice preparation for that.

Anyway, I decided since I was in town I would limit myself to two other "errands." I went to the bank, and went to Safeway. Wow-who knew one could miss the grocery store. I picked myself up some new magazines and treated myself to a Starbucks decaf skinny vanilla latte (sorry Daily Grind, I was already at Safeway). Oh yum!

Not quite as good as the "real" thing, but what a treat! My glucose test results were high, so I am now watching what I eat more closely, and pretty much cutting out sweets in my diet. Ugh again--especially since I have really been craving sweets for the past few weeks. I suppose it doesn't hurt though. Yet another sacrifice. It will all be worth it, I know!

Many things to be thankful for:
A trip to town
Blooming flowers
The sun shining
Being almost 29 weeks pregnant! Yay little cupcake-keep growing!
New magazines
My husband's love that continues to help me through the tough days
My family
A good report from our doctor last week
Crafts to keep me busy
My mother-in-law coming to visit/help
Friends/family coming to visit to help pass the time
The Internet
The love of my Savior and the peace that continues to surround me

Well, I have reached the bottom of my coffee, so I suppose it's back to water!


  1. I need to come visit. I miss you.

  2. i'm excited to bring you a decaf skinny vanilla latte when i come visit you!