Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I never thought I would see the day when I cared so much about a cat. Who would have thought? Cat's are stupid and only good for mousing. (OK, give me a minute all you cat lovers out there.) Surly we can all agree that they aren't loyal, you can't train them, and they scratch things.

Well, we had an exception to my above statements. Groucho was given to us at the age of 12-13ish. That's OLD for a cat!! He became a part of our family instantly because he was different. We were sure he must have been part dog. I trained him (mostly) to lay in his bed in the kitchen, and not to leave that spot. And he followed us around whenever we were outside. He would even "greet" us as we drove in our driveway. He was also like a dog in the fact that he loved attention. He LOVED being petted, and held! He would have been a lap cat, had I let him. Oh, and he loved music. He loved being inside when I was teaching lessons.

We were blessed to have him eat our mice for 2 years, but we are pretty sure he has passed on. He has been missing for about a week now. We've noticed he hadn't quite been himself lately-that maybe he was showing some signs of age.

We haven't found him anywhere, so I'm just hoping he found a cozy corner to curl up in and pass on. Timing is interesting. We lost our dog only about 10 months ago, after only having her for 3. I hope this isn't a reflection on our "nurturing" abilities! I know, pets are just pets. But still...

So thanks Grouch0-thanks for putting my faith back into "cat" world. Thank you for loving us through these past 2 years. Sometimes I think I told you things because you were a set of ears that would always just listen. Thanks for putting up with our dog when we had her. Thanks for trusting us to meet your needs.

Hope you are having fun in pet heaven! We will miss you, and like our beautiful dog Docker, you will always have a place in our hearts!

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  1. Heavy sigh from Grandpet's Gwamma. Just doesn't seem right, not right now. Groucho was such great company. So polite, so unconditional. Such a gentleman. Just so sorry for both Grandpet losses.