Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We had a good doctor's report last Friday, and everything is still looking good. The best news is that he gave me permission to go swimming! I was so excited because after laying around for 11 weeks, I am starting to feel very weak-in ways I never have before. It's a strange feeling.

So, I was so excited that he told me I could go to the pool. I am still on modified bed rest-for me-meaning I can get up a few hours a day-depending on how I'm feeling and how the contractions are coming on.

I've had a few scary days-where I have more than I should, but my body seems to always calm down. We are so thankful for each week that passes-meaning that Cupcake has grown that much more.

I LOVE being pregnant-
I love feeling her move
I love knowing that God has chosen me as a vessel to grow this baby for His purposes
I love feeling her kicks, jabs and stabs-knowing that she is growing stronger with each one
I love the blessing that God has allowed us to become pregnant, and stay pregnant through all that we have been through
I love that I can talk and sing to her-knowing that she hears me
I love it when other people want to talk to her or feel her move
I love that she is almost 32 weeks old, and that we are 11 weeks out from surgery-she is a FIGHTER!
I love that God has a big plan for this little one, and that we are blessed to be a part of that

The only part I don't love is the moments when I am having a lot of contractions, and so it sends me into the state of "mommy worry." :) Then I am reminded that I don't need to worry-I just need to trust and have faith that God IS in control-of EVERY detail, and every moment.

Other than that-I am loving every moment-and cherishing it-as I know there are so many women out there who don't get the chance to feel what this miracle is like. My heart aches for them, and I pray that I will never take the miracle of pregnancy for granted.

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  1. You are amazing! An amazing friend. An amazing mom. Just simply amazing.