Friday, March 4, 2011

Yes. No. Wait.

So tomorrow is the big half marathon I was supposed to run.

Life is funny. (Or should I say God has a sense of humor?) I probably wouldn't have been able to run the race anyway, even if my doctor told me I could.

I have been sick off and on for the past month-which would have made training a little difficult. While the sickness has been tough (since Ben, Kayla and I have been passing it back and forth to each other), I am thankful to have the reassurance that I really wasn't supposed to run tomorrow.

I guess I am the type of person that sometimes needs a brick hit over my head. Instead of a simple "no," I tend to need the huge thunderous "NOOOOOOOO!" (for now)

That's an interesting thought. "No" now, doesn't mean "no" next time. "Yes" now, doesn't mean "yes" next time. Silence now, doesn't mean silence next time.

This is why we must continue to seek Him-even when we aren't sure why we received the answer we did. We must trust that He is enough. If He decides to give us the answer we want, then that is just an added blessing!

Yes. No. Wait. Thankful that I know the One who has the answers. Whether or not he decides to give me the one I want doesn't matter. He just asks me to trust that He knows what I need. What I Need. Not want.

That's hard to swallow sometimes.

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  1. Your thoughts ("'No' now, doesn't mean 'no' next time") struck me today. God seems so powerful that I tend to take his answer as final. not just now, but FOREVER. so dont dare ask again! Of course it makes sense that sometimes it's the timing that's off, not the question itself, but I tend to not think that way. This was great food for thought. You're insightful even when your sick & sleep deprived! :) I am praying for you and the family. Hope to see you soon!