Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Passion, or Not?

I sometimes wonder if I get too passionate about certain things in life.

Do I sometimes get passionate about something, and take off running with the idea, only to find it not coming to fruition. I wonder-did I pray much about it? Did I pray to see if it was God's passion for me to pursue, or if it was just "my" passion?

I am passionate about passion. I think we all need to live with a little bit more passion. I think we all get caught up too much in our daily lives. I think we forget what we are even passionate about.

I think even if we do remember what we are passionate about, sometimes we don't take the time for it. Sometimes we do, only to fall flat on our face. Sometimes we don't know how to pursue our passions. Sometimes we don't make it a priority.

Yes, there is always someone out there who has it worse off (hello-can we say Japan?), but that doesn't mean the feelings I have aren't worth having. So I type. (Sorry, I am getting side tracked from my "marriage" blogging.)





Seeking t0



Not to bring glory to myself-but to God!

Are you living a life full of passion? Am I? Or am I lukewarm, numb to life around me, going through the motions. Am I taking time to pursue my passions? Am I passionate about what God wants me to be passionate about?

What if I feel as if I am passionate about something that I feel He is passionate about too, and then I get a "no," a "wait." Those are the hard questions, because for those questions, we often don't have answers.

Passion. Confusion. Dissapointment. Excitement. Contentment. Peace.

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