Saturday, March 5, 2011


Inspire: To fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence

Today was filled with many thoughts and emotions. The one that rises to the top, after all the dust settles though, is inspiration.

I started off the day with only about 4 hours of total sleep last night. So, my emotions were a little raw to being with. :)

I went to the half marathon knowing I wouldn't set foot on the course. Yet, walking up to get my number and t-shirt filled me with some feelings of disappointment. So close, yet so far away.

As we gave Dave his high 5's as he ran past us after the start, I wanted to just jump on the course and run next to him like we have been training for the past 3 months. I could almost feel the rush of the start-because I could imagine myself out there in the mix of the people.

I felt like I had just deserted a friend. He was nothing but supportive of the decision I had to make to not run the race, but still. There he went-off to run 13.1 miles on his own. Had the roles been reversed, I'm not so sure I would have completed that on my own. As we ran together during our training, we always talked about how much easier it is to run when you have someone with you!

The sun shone, the rain fell, the wind blew, and the anticipation grew as two hours rolled by. We began to watch for Dave and his lime green shirt. As we waited, and anticipated his arrival around the bend, I just couldn't stand there any more. I had to go meet him and bring him in.

So I dropped my coat, and took off to find him. In my jeans, no less. I couldn't just let him finish it alone.

I met him just after mile 12. There he was, trucking along. Still going. After running 12 miles on his own. It was the least I could do to bring him in for his last 1.1 miles.

As we neared the finish line, Shelby was snapping pictures, mom was cheering, and Dad (who was holding Kayla) was running the last few feet with us. All the while, cheering Dave to the finish line.

He did it. All 13.1 miles of it. On his own. If that is not inspiring, I'm not sure what is.

Was it hard, to not be out there? Yes. Do I regret the decision I had to make. Not at all. I know that is what I needed to do.

Did it inspire me all the more to want to do it someday. YES! I can not wait for the green light to run again.

Thanks Dave, for conquering that race today. Thanks Shelby, for being his biggest fan and supporting him in training these past 3 1/2 months. Thanks Ben, for supporting me in the time of training I had. Thanks Dad and Mom, for being so supportive of all of us no matter what it is we are doing (or not able to do-for those encouraging words, Dad).

Thanks Dave for doing it even without your training buddy. Thanks for inspiring me! I'm glad I had some pears and strawberry jello dessert for you to eat afterwards. :)

I'll wait a few days before I ask you if you want to do it again, and that time, I WILL be running at your side!

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