Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's in a Name?

Our time is finally nearing of getting to meet our sweet baby girl! We are beyond thrilled and can not wait!

Although, we still can not settle on a name. This just seems like such a BIG decision, you know?! We are choosing what this girl will be know by. What people will call her, what she will say when she introduces herself.

Will it fit her?
Will people be able to spell and pronounce it?
Will it be "cute" while she is young, yet "cool" when she is in Jr. High, and still "professional" when she goes to interview for her first job?
Will it have a special meaning--especially with all that she has already been through?
Will it go well with her married name someday?
Will she like it?

How do you make that final decision? That's where we are at. We have several that we like, and that we feel like would fit her, but we just can't make that final decision. I don't really want to wait to "see" her, because she will look like whatever we decide to name her, right?

Ah, just one of the many decisions you get to make as a parent. But I feel like this is a big one-and I don't want to mess it up! Any suggestions out there?!?! :)

Only a few weeks fact, we could start counting days! 8 more of modified bed rest--and then who knows when she will make her appearance! Let's just hope we can get her name picked out soon!!


  1. We tried out names by calling the baby by the name for a week or so to see if it feels right... Maybe that will help.

  2. Well, you could do like I did when I named my dog....go outside and yell the name really loud and see if it rolls off your tongue. Because you probably will get to do that a few times when it is dinnertime and playing with the dog or cat will be more important!