Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mrs. Buck

My kindergarten teacher passed away this last month. She was a dear lady with a huge heart. I also had the privilege of growing up with her in my church and neighborhood, so I knew her on several different levels.

I was unable to attend her memorial service, but am so thankful to know that she is in a better place, where she is no longer suffering. It is just a temporary goodbye for us here on earth, but we will see her again!

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about the impact she has had on my life. Have you ever really stopped to think about the importance of a kindergarten teacher? It's probably the teacher we remember and thank the least, but is one of the most important.

They are you first real connection to the world outside of your family.

That first day of kindergarten I had no idea what to expect. Would I miss home? Would I make friends? What would I learn? I timidly walked into the classroom, found my desk and said goodbye to my mom. Would I ever see her again?! I looked around at all the faces, and saw so many of them with the same concerns and questions!

To be honest, there are very few things I remember about kindergarten. I remember learning letters and numbers, nap time, recess-you know, all the important things in life, right?

Most of all, though, I remember my teacher. She was patient, kind, gentle, loving, patient (did I mention that?) and cared about EACH one of us. She was a teacher because she cared about us-she loved us as if we were her own kids. She invested in us. She showed us what life was like outside our homes and started us on this amazing journey called school. She determined whether or not we moved onto that next big stage of going to school EVERY day (1st grade).

Did I ever really thank her? You know-REALLY thank her-for the impact she had on my life? Did I ever really let her know how grateful I was to her for all that she did for me in that very impressionistic year of my life?

I don't know if I did. Now I will have to wait till heaven-and by then, it won't really matter. So I hope today, as she is looking down on us that she can know how grateful I am to her and all that she did for me.

Thank a teacher today--I know that sounds so cliche--but honestly--thank one of those teachers that has had an impact on your life, for you never know when you might not have the chance.

Thank you Mrs. Buck for the impact you had on my life, and for all the lessons (school & life) that you taught me!

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