Friday, May 21, 2010

A Simpler Life

"Be Still and Know that I Am God" Psalms 46:10

Another week has passed by-slowly-but it is done! It's been a bit of a crazy one-one with a few twists and turns for our extended family I wouldn't have chosen. Once again, we are reminded that we serve a bigger God than all situations that come our way, and that He is in control.

Our electricity went out on Wednesday night, and it was a strange thing. Do you realize how much we rely on electricity? I always forget until I don't have it. As the kerosene lamp was sitting on the coffee table sending out our small rays of light, I thought back to what it would have been like before electricity. Some of you can remember those days. It really wasn't that many years ago-before cars, lights, computers, TV's, music, dishwashers, washing machines, running water, iPods, phones, cell phones...

Speaking on cell phones-heaven forbid our society without cell phones--I remember what is was like before that--and I'm not that old!!! Who votes that cell phones have just complicated our lives?! Really--now we are available at any time, in any place, connected to the world around us. Anyway...side note.

As Ben and I were just sitting in the dark, realizing there wasn't anything to do, we talked for awhile, and then decided to go to bed. What have we come to that we think there is nothing to do when we have no power?! I have been mulling over that thought the last couple of days.

Our society has gotten so complicated with so much "stuff" dictating our lives, and getting in the way of what really matters-relationships! I am just as guilty as the next guy, and I was reminded of that on Wednesday night.

Don't get me wrong, I am VERY thankful for modern inventions. In fact, I wouldn't be typing this today in lue of what happened to me three weeks ago if it wasn't for modern inventions. I am so thankful that my baby's and my life were spared because of the developments we have today.

I just think I can get caught up in all the noise. You know, the noise. Not just the audible noises, but the noises that invade our lives, that demand our attention.

Along with our electricity going out, the past three weeks have definitely showed me the slower pace of life. All of you that know me, know that I am a busy person. In some ways, this has defined who I am. I'm not necessarily proud of this. Everyone knows that I don't stop for too long to "smell the roses." And because of this, I think I miss out on some of the simple joys in life:

The sound of the back door opening and someones voice coming to greet me

The vibrant colors of flowers-It's amazing to think this world could all be one color, and yet we were given the gift of the rainbow.

The sound of my phone ringing because someone really cares to talk to me-and the fact that I actually HAVE the time to talk to them

A good book

A good magazine

A hug

A kiss

The sound of a wind chime

The flame of a candle

A bubble bath

Good food

Receiving a card in the mail

Feeling the kicks of my growing baby


The words "I love You"

The gift of relationships

I am thankful for these reminders. It's these things that can get us through a day and help sustain us for a life. I now understand the phrase "stop and smell the roses" in a whole new way, and I am thankful for the lessons of a still and simpler life.

"Be Still and Know that I Am God" Psalms 46:10

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  1. I smelled the roses a long time ago when I would sit at the end of my hallway and watch Ben and Joe toddle back and forth from the living room to their bedroom (the office now) putting their toys away every night. I can still see those little buns dwadling as they did their 'work'.

    other random thoughts as I read this:

    Isn't it amazing the reflections God gives us when we give Him time to do so. I enjoy hearing what He is giving to you.

    Methinks a game of Catan might work by lantern light????

    And what hits me the most is one thing that never changes (besides God's love). The way you are nuturing the growth of our little baby minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. God made us girls that way, to do it the same way for centuries. No need for a cell phone or a computer or even electricity to do that.'re doing it just right! Thanks for doing this...for all of us!