Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The rest of the January Declutter list

How is your decluttering going?  :)

I know I gave you a pretty long list last time, and don't worry if you didn't get through it, because I didn't either.  I got side tracked on a few projects.  And that's ok! 

So here's the rest of my list for January:
  • Catch up on paperwork and year end filing (We were a couple years behind, so just tackle it, wherever you are at!)
  • Declutter file cabinets.  (Go through old files, and throw out papers and manuals you don't need)
  • Sort through all those "paper piles"  You know, the ones that sit there or get put in a drawer to "do later."  :)
It's a great time to go through paperwork to get ready for tax season, etc.   Plus, you will feel so much better about tackling your other projects if this one is done!

It's a blizzard here today, so what a great afternoon for a cup of coffee and some quality time with my files! 

Good luck!

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