Thursday, April 7, 2011

PE Exam

Ben has been studying for his Professional Engineering exam for several months. The time has come! Oh, for those of you that don't know, it basically means that he can stamp, or approve, his own projects. He no longer has to take them to other PE's to get the stamp of approval. It also means he could be his own boss someday!

Tomorrow morning at 7:30 am, he begins the 8 hour test. Many have gone before him, failed, and passed, and he too, will experience those outcomes. (Hopefully just the passing on the first round!!!)

I admire my husband. He has an incredible work ethic. He has a new daughter, and yet has been so diligent about studying. It has meant sacrifices on our part, but it's for all of us in the long run.

He has been putting in close to 12 hour days at work. (So that he could study for about two hours during his lunch) I am reminded of the harvest hours my family keeps! I am so glad he doesn't have to keep those hours normally. We are so blessed that he works an 8-5 job so that he can be home and involved in our lives here!

All through these long days, he still keep some energy for home. He is still happy to see us when he walks through that door. He is still willing to change Kayla's diaper and give her a bath. Not all days, but most.

I am blessed. He is God's incredible gift to me. May I never take that for granted.

You can do it, Ben!! One problem at a time! (There are 80 of them!)

Thank you for being my best friend, better half, and provider for our family!


  1. April is gonna turn around for you guys! Starting today. (BTW, today is Ben's Grandpa Frank's birthday - he'd been 83 today.)

    Regarding that work ethic, on your drive tonight, ask Ben about the summer he came home and because Melissa broke her arm, he ended up working an average of 8 hours/day for every single day he was here. From the day he arrived til the day he left. Throw in church and some activities and you can see the long days he worked. And he was always such good help. We still miss his insight and work ethic.

    Celebrate the moment this weekend! I can just imagine the laughs, the joys with friends, the attention Miss KK will get. EnjoyEnjoy! Time to Celebrate!

  2. GO BEN!!!!!! Rachel- I know the feeling about the long days. And I, too, have to remind myself that he is sacrificing because he loves us. Jeff takes his PE this fall (we might delay it to spring depending on some unknowns). Oh, Jeff was curious, is he taking it in mechanical? Thanks for the posts. Love hearing about what is going on in your lives.