Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life Lessons Learned from my Grandpa

I spent the entire afternoon in my Grandpa Morgan's (dad's dad) hospital room. He developed a very severe case of pneumonia last week, and has been in the hospital ever since. Mind you, this is no ordinary man. He may be 79, but he acts like he's 59! He has a passion for working with his hands to restore the old and build the new. So this caught us all by surprise.

I will admit. I am not used to seeing him so weak. I know there will come a day when I have to say goodbye on this side of eternity, and I think that reality set in this week.

As Kayla and I spent the afternoon with him, I was reminded again how much we have to learn from our older generations if we will only take the time.

* You are never too old to learn something new. May I always keep this mindset!
* Humility is something we all need a dose of from time to time.
* Never pass up the opportunity to share what Christ has done in your life with those around you-even in your darkest hours.
* You may not always have the right words, but you can always be available.
* We have so much, and take it for granted too often
* Prayer is more powerful than we think
* It takes three to make a marriage last (one should know that's been married 60 years): you, your carefully chosen one, and the Lord
* Tears are NOT a sign of weakness
* It takes more strength to receive kindness and help than it does to give it
* Everyone deserves a second chance and a healthy dose of respect
* Life is too short to live in any other way but to cherish each day that has been given to us
* I have an incredible, incredible family heritage-and this is only by God's GRACE

I also experienced something incredible today.

My Grandpa Miller (my mom's dad), came to visit Grandpa Morgan. He didn't want to be a bother, but wanted to encourage Grandpa Morgan. So what did he do? He asked if he could pray with him. So there I sat, listening to one grandpa pray for another grandpa, and I saw a glimpse of heaven. Two men, who love the Lord with all their heart, who raised Godly children that found each other, and who have had children and grandchildren of their own that have chosen to follow the Lord. It brought tears to my eyes.

It is by God's grace that I am a part of that heritage. May it not stop with me, but may the Lord see to it that we continue to walk with Him to bring up the next generation in a Godly way.

Thank you Grandpa for these needed reminders today. We pray you continue to gain strength, so you can continue to serve our Lord! As you said today, "I'm not sure why I'm here, but I guess God's not finished with me yet!"

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