Monday, April 29, 2013

I Will Follow

Yesterday's sermon is still rolling around in my brain. 

Comparison.  How often do we find ourselves comparing?  I don't know about you, but I do it often.  I think it is a natural human response to life.  Is it because we are a selfish race and naturally want to look out for "me?"  In other words, I think it's that sin nature we fight daily.  Hourly. 

How often to I look at those around me thinking:

"Why do they get to do that?"
"Why did God bless them with that?"
"Why don't I get to serve in that way?"
"Why is this season in my life so different than theirs?"
"Why aren't they "serving"?

This is dangerous territory.  Not only is this being judgmental, but all of the sudden, my mind gets away with me and before I know it, I'm all stressed out.

God has something different in mind.  He has called each one of us in individual ways based on the gifts HE has given us.  We are to use these gifts to bring Him glory.  Not to decide where other people should or shouldn't be serving.  That is between them and God.  Not us and them.

As soon as I start comparing my life to someone else, my focus is immediately lost.  Like Peter walking on the water towards Jesus.  As soon as he took his eyes off of Christ, He started to sink. 

God has called me to certain areas of service right now, for "such a time as these."  For me, it is tending the home fires.  Changing the dirty diapers, cleaning up the poop explosions and running load after load of laundry to wash the spit up out.  If I choose, I can find the holy moments in the mundane.  It is a choice though. 

A choice to be joyful (not necessarily happy), in the task He puts before me.  A choice to not look around to other moms who may appear to have it all together, or have their children learning their ABC's or numbers before Kayla has. A choice to look in front of me at what God has placed in my care:

A wonderful, loving, hard-working, serving husband and two beautiful, spirited daughters. 

Lord give me wisdom, grace and patience for this time, and help me to keep my eyes focused on YOU. 

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  1. Yesterdays sermon hit a chord with me, too! What a great reminder that when I take my eyes off of Jesus my focus gets all off kilter. It is so easy to let the big ugly jealous or critical bug rears its head when I start comparing. Thanks for the reinforcement and know, from one mommy in the trenches to another, you are not alone! :) Choosing to be thankful (even for the poopy blowout or the 10 loads of laundry I did today) can sure add a lot of joy to the mundane! Love you!