Friday, September 14, 2012

A few more adventures!

Hello blog world!  Remember me?  Sorry I have been MIA. Life has happened, and it's been a ride!

You see, the Kovanda's wouldn't want 2012 to be the first "normal" year of marriage would they?  Of course not!  The Lord has kept us on our toes.

Of which I am thankful.

I never want to be too content (that is a fine line), or complacent. That is a scary place to be. Ever read about that in the Bible?

We celebrated our 5th year anniversary (with a trip to Cabo San Lucas!!), and yet, because of all we have experienced in the past 5 years, I sometimes feel like we have been married 10-15!  And not in a bad way. I am just so thankful the Lord has brought us together to experience this life as a team. I surely couldn't do it without him!

So here we go on two more big adventures!

The Lord has blessed us with another child on the way, due to arrive around February 1, 2013. I can't believe I am already 20 weeks along. The pregnancy has gone pretty well so far. Sick for the first 16 weeks, and now I have developed placenta previa, but baby is great!!  Hooray!!

Kayla will be a big sister, and we will go from a family of 3 to 4!  We still remember our first, though and can't wait to meet him/her someday!

Gender reveal is tomorrow. Can't wait!

Ben is starting a new job on Monday. Another big change for him as well as our little family.   That will be for another blog post, but I am so proud of him for leading our family in this way. He is taking a road less traveled and really stepping out in faith, but I couldn't be more excited for him!

Deep breath. :). I think that's good for tonight.

Thank you Lord for the many many blessings you have given us!

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