Thursday, May 26, 2011

Simple victories

I love my life. Well, I guess it's not really MY life-but the life that has been given to me!

It is a gift. Along with the life of those I love around me. I am so blessed.

I have an incredible husband (who passed his Professional Engineering exam!!!!! Wahoooooooo!!), who loves the Lord and loves me. He also happens to be an incredible dad.

He is so patient. Ah yes, we have our moments, the times we fight about the same things, but I love him! A love of choice, not based off of a feeling.

I have a beautiful, fun loving daughter. She is at such a fun age right now. She takes in the world around her like everything is a new gift. She had learned to put snacks in her mouth. Ah, if only the thing we were most concerned about was learning to put something from our hand to our mouth! The simple victories in life.

We have those each day. Those simple victories, yet, are we too busy to even notice them? Too busy to be thankful? Too busy worrying about what happened yesterday, or about what might happen tomorrow?

Be thankful for the simple victories today!

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